The app for direct sellers

AMI, your virtual accountability partner, keeps your daily To Dos prioritized so you can focus more time on building the relationships that will grow your business.

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Consistent followup without the headache

Automatic follow up reminders to connect with your customers and leads

AMI sends you regular reminders to reach out to customers and leads at the right time so you aren’t scrambling to hit your monthly sales goals at month end.

“What I love about AMI is that I can follow up with my customers with a simple tap on my phone while I wait for the kids to get out of school, during practices, or while waiting in line at the grocery. Way better than having to carry my thick, messy follow-up binder with me.”

— Marie G., seller since February 2012

All your business contacts in one place

Feel like a rockstar while building your customer relationships from anywhere

Look up notes from past conversations, schedule reminders, and review purchase history in a visual timeline without searching through papers or logging into your computer.

“I ran into one of my customers and was able to magically remember EXACTLY what she ordered and ask her how much she was loving it! She was impressed and shared what a personal consultant I was with the rest of my VIPs! Totally made me look like a rockstar!”

— Caitlin K., seller since June 2014

Social selling with a personal touch

Share customized recommendations to potential and existing customers in minutes

Instead of sending a generic shopping link, share a custom wishlist for a personalized shopping experience or a link to you personal Social Shop, built off of your Instagram posts.

“I had the best AMI experience the other day. I was making deliveries and my customer wanted to look at the products I had available. She started telling me everything she liked, so I said, ‘why don’t we start a wishlist?’ So we did and I was able to share it with her on the spot. So cool!”

— Barbara D., seller since December 2017

The all new

AMI on Desktop

Manage, add, and view all your contacts from your computer to maximize your ability to grow your business while on-the-go (and not at your desk!).