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Ready to launch the modern sales enablement app to your entire sales force?

As an AMI Partner you can:
  • Brand the app to reflect your company's brand
  • Collaborate with our Training team for regular training sessions
  • Access insights on your sales force’s engagement
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“Since we finished our integration with AMI, our team has spent barely any cycles maintaining it. The AMI team has continued to develop new functionality regularly based on feedback from our team and Consultants. If we hadn’t Partnered with AMI, we would have spent a year building the functionality they had when we launched and would still have a dedicated scrum team to maintain it.”

Christopher Johnson, CTO

“The way AMI has worked with us has been so refreshing. From the successful launch of our partnership app through to on-going management, the Sell with AMI team have provided a level of service and support that has far exceeded my expectations. My aim is to empower our Ambassadors and Sell with AMI have been clear in their mission to do the same — I’ve felt confident each step of the way that we are providing our Ambassadors with a truly valuable business tool.”

Susie Ma, Founder and CEO

“I consider AMI an incredible unique selling position for my company. I love what AMI has done to help my company succeed and the tremendous support they offer. AMI deserves to be shared with every company out there since they are THAT GOOD. You cannot afford not to partner with AMI.”

John Dorsey, CEO

We integrate with popular platforms like Shopify and Exigo and with custom technology solutions, too. It could take less than a month to launch AMI to your entire sales force.
Standard Partnership offering
Data integration

Automated sync of product catalog, seller, sales, and genealogy data. Includes up to 2 years of historical data.

Full support & training

AMI provides full support and training to all sellers who use the AMI app. This includes a rigorous onboarding upon launch and continual training on new features.

Custom branding

Customize any pre-filled message templates and app colors to reflect your brand and tone. Create custom domains for outbound links from the app.

Aggregate insights

Review insights on engagement, channels used by sellers to connect with their contacts, and leaderboards. Use these insights to drive field and training initiatives.

Product Roadmap influence

Connect with leaders at AMI on a regular basis to provide feedback and brainstorm new initiatives and test through collaborate betas.

In-app announcements

Instead of having updates lost in email or Facebook, share critical company updates or training to the entire field and track engagement and click-thrus.